1.What is the Manufactured Artificial Stone?

Artificial stone - is environment friendly, eco material. They are made out of high quality concrete - mix of Portland cement, plastifisers-water repellent,gives also frost resistance, lightweight aggregates and iron oxide pigments.All components are mixed in accurate proportion to make a best product as possible, durable and strong. It has the ability to resist to mould and fungus. These stones are resistant to thermal, UV exposure and various chemicals, oil, coffee etc.

2. Are these interior or exterior stones?

Artificial stone can be used for exterior wall cladding as well as for interior projects thanks to layer of water and frost resistant protection.

3. Can I build a wall with these slabs?

No, definately not, slabs are only for decoration, these are NOT a part of construction.

4. Can I mount the slabs myself?

Yes, you can but this require a some skill and we would not recommend mounting the slabs yourself if you haven`t done anything like that before, just ask some proffesional who can mount them for you.

5. I have the skill, I did some work before but unsure where to start.

Well, first of all once you decided what slabs would you like to get you need to prepare the wall. Surface needs to be cleaned and free from any loose plater or paint. Just use a tile adhesive available in hardware shops, get some grout ( choose your color). All you need is time and some skill to mount the slabs like normal tiles.

6. Should the slabs be impregnated?

Yes, we can recommend a primer which will add a glossy finish, or we can coat them for you. This will add extra water and frost ressistance and will also extend the life of the slabs as well as make them easier to clean.

7. How can I get it delivered?

It depends on order, small orders ( up to 10sqm) may be delivered by us at small extra cost. Bigger orders will be processed by a courier at additional costs to buyer, we will provide the cost on quotation.

8. Can I pick the slabs myself?

Yes you can, If you mention that to us on quotation we will provide you with the day on which your order will be ready.

9. How long does it take to get my slabs?

It all depends on the size of the order and color of your choice, just let us know what are you interested in and we will provide exact information.
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